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My lovely clients keep asking me what this thing called tantra is, and what will happen if they have a tantric massage as if they are in danger of being taken to some other planet! Then I tell them that they have already experienced some of that special world because I have been learning about tantric techniques for quite a while, and applying them in my massages and treatments.  In a way, it is like spending a little time on another planet, about drifting away from this world for a very special time. But don’t worry, you will be returning to Planet Earth – and returning having experienced some exceptional sensations that will leave you wanting to make the journey again.    

 Recently I have been taught more about tantra and have learned some of the techniques and unique approaches I am using more and more with you, dear clients.  So, I think the time has come to explain to you a little about tantra, to spread the good news, so that we may all become aware of how much it can add to every life. Because more people are getting interested in this there are an increasing number of massage providers who claim that they are providing “tantric massages” or use “tantric techniques”.  Beware though, many of them are not or know very little about the subject.  To use the techniques of tantra really requires learning a lot about it, and takes quite a while and some detailed and intensive study.  Only now do I feel able to say that I have an understanding that is sufficient to say I use tantric techniques in my massages?


When people have heard of tantra it is usually in the context of tantric massage, tantric sex, or tantric breathing.  These are all parts of our lives where applying the principles of tantra will improve the experience and increase the benefit. Massage using tantric techniques is more deeply felt, gives a much stronger sensation and greater sensitivity, and brings both the giver and the receiver closer together in a shared sensual experience.  Tantric sex is deeper and longer lasting and more deeply felt with orgasms that are immensely pleasurable and prolonged (you may remember a well known pop star and his discovery of the use of tantric techniques in his sex life – he could not stop talking about it!).  And tantric breathing has advantages all of its own; helping more oxygen enter the body and be absorbed into the blood stream, to provide further energy and resilience.


Tantric and its techniques come from India, originally becoming known in the West along with yoga as the world opened up in the 1960’s. The ideas and the techniques are not difficult, but they need to be understood, and are best learned at the hands of an accomplished practitioner who will guide you into this new way of knowing your body and mind.

This is where I can help you, working with you during our sessions together to use my mind and my body to teach you in a most pleasurable and relaxed way. Together we will learn to listen to the needs of our bodies, to pay attention to our internal voices, to breathe in a balanced way, to allow a natural rhythm to invade our time together, to not notice the outside world but to surrender to pleasure and joy so that your body will relax and absorb sensation. The end result is like a gentle orgasm that will take you over and for a while transport you into your personal place of paradise. And, believe me, I will be enjoying it too, because one of the many things I have learnt is that the pupil becomes the teacher and the teacher the pupil when true tantra is with us both for our time together.


Now, you may be asking, why have I called this piece “The Tantric Game”?  The answer is simple; because Tantra is not some over serious academic approach that is hard to learn.  It’s true that the more it is studied, the more there is to get out of it—and my studies have taken me to many new places and sensations, and I am still learning.  But even using basic tantric techniques starts to open up a world of greater and deeper pleasure, and because it brings me as the teacher and you as the pupil closer together in our routines, we can relax, try new ways and approaches, and really enjoy the journey we are making together!  Tantra is fun!

So I hope you will want to try this out as soon as you can; my beautiful studio is waiting for you; I have established an atmosphere especially conducive to the tantric mood, with delicious scents and relaxing music and soft towels. It is quiet and private and relaxing, with a good hot shower room. You will find a wonderful atmosphere as soon as you enter, and one in which we began our special journey together.  


Come and see me soon! 

Shamila xxx