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Here’s a subject that creates either apprehension or delight!  Once you have had a session with a skilled masseuse (such as me!) you will be in the ‘delighted’ category, believe me.  Some men get very nervous at the thought of any interference with their prostrate; but others already know or have heard of the intense pleasure that can be given through a professional and gentle massaging of this area.  Indeed, many males of my acquaintance will swear that some of their best orgasms arise from prostrate massage accompanied by the gentle use of a skilled finger through the anus.  It is in many ways, in sensitivity and sensation, the male equivalent of the female G spot.


Let me tell those of you to whom this is a new idea, a little more about what is going on, and what I will be doing when you let me take you to this new place and into the world of these wonderful sensations.  

I will usually start with a full body massage, slowly removing my clothes and underwear and using my body and my erogenous zones to arouse yours.  This will get you in the mood for what is to follow!


All my tantric skills will be used to create an atmosphere for your pleasure, including some music, soft lighting, warmth, my touching and kneading of you, with special oils and aromas all around, and getting us both into a rhythm of pleasure.  I want you to be relaxed and eager for what is to come, not nervous, so we will gradually build that atmosphere together.


Then, softly, slowly, sensually, my arousing touch will start to concentrate around your genitals and your bottom.  Soon, I will ask you to turn onto your front.  You will not be able to see much of me, but you will be able to feel me!  My fingers will more and more daringly rub the cleft of your bum, approach the opening of your anus, and I will apply a little lubrication, so that I can slip a finger into you and start to create the most wonderful and sexual waves of pleasure.  


The prostrate is the gland which assists, indeed is vital, to the production of semen, and plays a key part in the build up to and pleasure of an orgasm.  So massaging in this area, done with the skill and care that I have learnt, is immensely pleasurable, and will lead very quickly to a powerful erection.  You may even ejaculate just from my massage!  If you do not want to do that at that point, then we will carry on together until you are satisfied and in a very pleasant place. Prostate induced orgasms are especially powerful, so prepare yourself for a very special experience. 


Massage and stimulation of the prostrate are not just about pleasure though.  There are many more benefits.  Many doctors now believe that such a massage works wonders in relieving stress, improving long term sexual performance, strengthening erections, and may even assist in the prevention of prostrate cancer.  Alas, my service is not yet available on the National Health Service, but actually it is something in your life well worth paying for.  It will also enlarge your sexual curiosity and may well lead you to learn new techniques and styles for use with your lover (or lovers). 


So what do you need to do to prepare?  Not much; empty your bowels and your bladder and have a long thorough warm shower, with special attention to the special places.  If you are very hairy, you might benefit from a shave in the genital area with a nice gel; that will increase the deep sensual sensations you are going to go through.  Relax; lie back; let your mind drift and your body take over.  That’s all.  Leave the rest to me. And think about how soon you can come and see me again for another expedition into this new world.  


Shamila xxx